Mr. Atchariya Jangchay, representative of ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE), summarized discussions, outcomes, lessons learned in the workshop and thanked all the related persons for their contribution to the success of the workshop. He also reviewed the whole workshop program with mention of importance of the holistic approach of this workshop. He meant not only lectures but interactive sessions were so helpful and fruitful. His comments were very comprehensive and included many suggestions to move the participants in the direction of promoting, establishing and executing BEC/GBC back in their home countries with harmonization in ASEAN in mind.


Mr. Jiro Sogawa, Managing Director, ECCJ made a closing remark, appreciating the cooperation between ACE and ECCJ as well as expecting information learned in this workshop to be used for promotion of BEC and AEA in the ASEAN countries.

He hoped that making full use of the output of discussion all the participants would continue to make efforts to apply precious information to practical promotion of BEC/GBC in their own countries

Closing remark by Mr.Atchariya

Closing remark by Mr.Sogawa

Awarding of certificate to participants by Mr.sogawa