ECCJ implemented the 2nd on-site work for the project to develop EE&C promotion model in Malaysia

ECCJ implemented the 2nd on-site work for the project to develop EE&C promotion model in Malaysia

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The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) has been implementing a bilateral energy conservation cooperation project with Malaysia as an energy conservation capacity development project entrusted by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. Under this project, a “pilot project” has been implemented since July last year with the cooperation of three companies for the development and dissemination of the energy conservation model through the establishment of an Energy Management System (EnMS) based on ISO 50001. This project aims to support the smooth implementation of the Energy Conservation Act to be enacted in Malaysia this year.

The 1st on-site work was implemented last December, followed by multiple online follow-ups. During this 2nd on-site work (June 4-11), activities by cooperating companies were strengthened and promoted as follows.

(1) In order to strengthen the implementation of local activities according to the implementation plans of each of the three partner companies, we provided advice to promote activities related to necessary improvement measures. This included progress reviews, on-site surveys, and addressing issues based on these reviews. Additionally, we provided advise on further improvements through case studies based on energy efficiency and conservation promotion methods and examples from Japan.

(2) The future implementation plans, including the evaluation of target values for three companies and their current activity plans, were confirmed and given specific directions. The Malaysian government energy conservation law enforcement officials joined the activities at each company, observing on-site practices and participating in lively discussions between the companies and the ECCJ.

Malaysian government officials
and cooperating companies

Discussing goal setting with
cooperating companies

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Assistance in establishing EnMS
for cooperating companies

Survey factories of cooperating companies
and advise on improvements