ECCJ held “Online Seminar” to kick off the project to support Brazilian government in enhancing the reguations of energy efficiency standards for equipment

ECCJ held “Online Seminar” to kick off the project to support Brazilian government in enhancing the reguations of energy efficiency standards for equipment

Under the entrustment of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) has been implementing the bilateral EE&C capacity building project with the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). In the energy efficiency cooperation between the two countries until now, the project to support the smooth enforcement of the Ordinance No. 269 of 2021 by the Brazilian government, which introduced the Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) for evaluating the energy efficiency performance of air conditioners, was completed in FY2022. The Ordinance No. 269 has been smoothly enforced since the end of 2022. Based on this outcome, the agreement was reached between ANRE and MME regarding the new project and its specifics in the current fiscal year for the next phase of the bilateral energy efficiency cooperation.
The new project relates to infrastructure development (capacity building) for supporting the Brazilian government including MME in the regularization of energy efficiency for commercial air conditioners and the improvement of LED lighting regulations. According to the basic plan, the project will begin by providing information about related Japanese systems and their operations. This time, the “Online Kick-off Seminar” was held on February 1 as the first activity, including lectures on the Japanese policies and legal systems, which kicked off the specific activities of the new project.

[Results] In the seminar, seventeen representatives from the five related institutions including MME participated on the Brazilian side, in addition to eleven representatives from the six institutions including ANRE and ECCJ took part on the Japanese side. The lectures on the key points described below were given by the Energy Efficiency Division of ANRE, and the information was shared with the Brazilian related persons as reference for studying the regulations.

●Efforts of energy efficiency in the commercial and household sectors through the Top Runner Program
●Details of energy efficiency regulations of commercial air conditioners and LED lighting

The International Affairs Division of ANRE emphasized the importance of energy efficiency promotion for realizing the policy of carbon neutrality by the Japanese government, and showed expectation for the new project while mentioning the actual outcomes achieved through the previous cooperations.
The director in MME responsible for energy efficiency affirmed the points that the energy efficiency cooperation with Japan until now has contributed to energy efficiency promotion in Brazil, and that the new project properly corresponds to the plans of the aforementioned regularization, while also expressing his gratitude to ANRE and ECCJ. Additionally, as Brazil prepares to serve as the chairperson of the G20 this year, the director considers to adopt energy efficiency as an important agenda and strive to create substantial results.


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