ECCJ held the FY2023 energy conservation training program in Japan (ECAP31) for ASEAN countries

ECCJ held the FY2023 energy conservation training program in Japan (ECAP31) for ASEAN countries

<Training program>
Under the instruction and financial support of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE), the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) is implementing the AJEEP Scheme 5 multilateral energy conservation cooperation project for ASEAN countries. As part of this project, training program was held in Japan with the following contents during the four-day period from November 14 to 17, 2023 for persons in charge of energy efficiency and conservation policy-related departments in the governments of each ASEAN country. In the training, ECCJ provided support for promoting the development of policies to realize carbon neutrality (CN) for the industrial sectors in the various ASEAN countries.


Site visits to facilities

Group discussions

In the current situation in which global warming is becoming a urgent issue worldwide, requiring policies to realize CN, the Japanese government has been coordinating the basic policy concerning green transformation (GX) this year and is further considering the related systems and support measures. Additionally, related specialized institutions and private companies promote support and technological developments required for realizing CN.
In the training program, the participants could gain an understanding of the details of these types of advanced measures implemented in Japan, and could also share the latest information on the policies and systems of each country within the ASEAN region. Further, discussions were held relating to the issues, etc. in promoting the policies and support measures to realize CN in each country.
The holding of this program was able to effectively support the improvement of participants’ capabilities as the persons developing their country’s CN policies.
The program could also contribute to creating an environment for business development by Japanese companies in the ASEAN region.

[Outline of the training]
(1) Sharing of information relating to the latest policies and support measures for realizing CN in Japan
(2) Introductions to the business development situations of Japanese-affiliated companies and the support schemes of specialized institutions in the various ASEAN countries
(3) Introductions to case studies of specific activities implemented and new technologies for realizing CN in Japanese companies and specialized institutions in the industrial sector
(4) Site visits to facilities (case studies of the specific initiatives implemented at a university EMS verification center and the central research institute of a private companies)
(5) Presentations by participants on their own country’s CN-related policies, support measures, and challenges, followed by information sharing through discussions and summaries regarding the promotion and challenges in each country.

*AJEEP:ASEAN-Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership
ECAP:Energy Conservation Workshop under AJEEP
AMS:ASEAN Member States
ACE:ASEAN Centre for Energy