Holding of 3rd online meeting relating to energy conservation support with Malaysia

Holding of 3rd online meeting relating to energy conservation support with Malaysia

Under the instruction and financial support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) is developing the bilateral energy conservation cooperation project with Malaysia in the current fiscal year.

As the coronavirus pandemic has made the overseas dispatch of experts difficult for the moment, the discussions relating to the current fiscal year’s support project until now have been held two times as online meetings. On September 11, 2020, the 3rd online meeting was held with representatives of ECCJ’s Malaysian counterpart, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and other organizations which focused on the contents of the online training that will form the main part of the support activities during the current fiscal year.

1. Online training:

Participants on Malaysian side: Two persons from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, two persons from the Sustainable Energy Development Authority, and one person from the Energy Commission

Participants on the Japanese side (ECCJ International Cooperation Division): Eight persons (including one person from the Tokai Branch)

Following the outline of the online training with Malaysia [BECMY7] that had been sent in advance of the meeting, the described contents were confirmed point by point, and agreement was obtained. The main confirmed and agreed items are shown below.

(1) Training dates: Total four-day period comprising the two-day periods of December 2-3 and December 9-10, 2020. Two-hour sessions are to be held in the mornings and afternoons on each of the days.

(2) Training method: Online

(3) Trainees: Persons intending to give lectures on heat-related fields in the qualified energy manager training, and persons in charge of policies

(4) Number of trainees: 10-15 persons. If a larger number of trainees are necessary, the holding of a separate second training session will also be considered.

(5) Lecture program: We focus on heat-related lectures, also including parts consisting of lectures on energy management and heat-related energy audits


2. Model Project Seminar:

Regarding the development of the model project which was intended to support the building of an energy management system that also included heat energy, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to implement activities such as site visits during the current fiscal year. However, due to the appearance of a textile company which supports these objectives, together with the continued growth in candidate companies, ECCJ proposed that details of the model project should be introduced to interested companies using an online seminar during the current fiscal year and that advance preparations, etc. should be requested, and approval was received. These contents are to be discussed during the next online meeting, and it is intended that the seminar should be held in February next year.


3. The next online meeting was determined to be held towards the end of October.